Different publishers manage their subscriptions differently. Please check with your Adaptemy Project Lead to confirm training for your product. 

The articles below show some basic functionality which is common to many publishers. 

Some quick notes about how licenses are managed in our system:


1. The publisher is responsible for creating new schools in the system.

This can be done (a) As sales happen or (b) In Bulk ahead of a sales season.

2. The publisher is responsible for allocating licenses to schools.

Note: In some cases we can integrate with your existing CRM system to automate this process. 

3. Teacher licenses do not expire. 

4. When students join a class they do so on a Trial license. The trial period is agreed in advance with the publisher. 

5. If the trial expires and the school has not purchased a license, the student will lose access. 

Note: Their learning data will be stored and can be re-activated if needed at a later date. 

6. Once the school purchases licenses, they will be automatically allocated to all trial students.